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Solid Oak Flooring

Solid oak flooringis one of the most popular types of solid wood flooring around. Each plank is made of 100% Oak timber, either European or American which is why they are often refereed to as real oak flooring. These are the traditional type of woods you would normally see in older properties. Fitting solid oak flooring in your property can help add value to the property, reduce allergies as they collect less dust compared to other types of floors and very easy to care for.

Their complete wood structure means thatsolid oak flooringboast high levels of timber strength and examples that have been well cared for are known to exceed 100 years of service life such as in stately homes (and even castles). This durability is aided by the fact that solid woods can be sanded and re-coated, a process that can revitalise the finish of the wood and therefore extend its service life even further. The slight downside of solid oak flooring is the tendency of any natural wood to react to temperature changes by means of expanding and contracting and their limitations in terms of length and thickness of each floorboard.

Oak wood is widely used in the creation of solid floors due to its durability, availability and attractive grain markings. The entire family of oak trees has over 600 species which are used in a wide range of applications. The wood has natural resistance to insect and fungal attack, properties which made it a prize wood for building ships to wood flooring and building beam creation. Also considered an environmentally friendly choice as oak is renewable, recyclable and 100% natural.