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Introducing our Smoked wood flooring range, a perfect blend of elegance and durability to grace your living spaces. Whether you're redesigning a cozy lounge or a grand dining room, our flooring seamlessly fits, bringing with it an ambiance of timelessness. Revel in the rich textures and finishes, from the deep allure of oil to the pristine shine of UV, ensuring your space gleams with unparalleled luxury. But we believe luxury shouldn't be unattainable; with unbeatable prices, a 20-year warranty, and TrustPilot-rated excellence, you're in for a value-packed experience. And to sweeten the deal, enjoy free samples sent straight to your doorstep on the very day you order. Explore our range, and let us redefine your interiors with flexibility in delivery - be it immediate or tailored to your schedule.

Step into the world of Smoked oak flooring, where each plank tells a story of craftsmanship and quality. At Wood and Beyond, our collection boasts of diverse grades, from the untouched beauty of natural and rustic to the polished charm of select and prime. With shades spanning from the sultry darks to the airy lights and sizes ranging from a neat 100mm to an expansive 270mm in width, our Smoked flooring is crafted to cater to your unique needs. Our array of installation options, from glue-down to tongue and groove, ensure a fit that's just right. Dabble in the shades of natural, black, grey, and white, and let our Smoked wood flooring bring a touch of sophistication to every nook and corner.