Flooring Oil

If you have an oiled floor, you’ll be only too aware of the need to keep the oil finish regularly topped up in order to protect your floor and keep it looking its best. Like most things of this nature, there are a whole host of oil products on the market.  At Wood and Beyond we have personally tried and tested every brand we sell and can recommend each wholeheartedly. 

The brands we hold in stock are Bona, Blanchon, Granwax and WOCA.  We stock most in a variety of sizes so you can buy a small quantity for ongoing maintenance, or if you have a big oiling job coming up, you can buy in bulk.  We’ve chosen these brands because we know that they do ‘exactly as they say on the tin’ and will give you great results ever time.

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  1. Stains Oil 125 ml
    As low as £12.90
  2. Blanchon Clear Maintenance Oil 1 Ltr
  3. Blanchon White Maintenance Oil 1 Ltr
  4. Ecoline Refresher for Lacquered 1L
  5. Rustins Danish Oil 2.5 Ltr
  6. Wax Care 1L
  7. Matt Refresher 1L
  8. WOCA Maintenance Box for Lacquered Floors
  9. Blanchon Smoked Oak Hardwax Oil 2.5 L
  10. Bona Decking Oil Neutral 2.5 L
  11. Premium Clear Matt Hardwax Oil 2.5Lts
  12. WOCA Neutral Oil 2.5L

12 Items

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