Blanchon White Maintenance Oil 1 Ltr


Containing raw materials of natural origin, the Maintenance Oil is a great regenerator. It penetrates to the core of solid wood, plywood and cork floors for long-lasting protection, whilst preserving the wood's natural appearance and elasticity.

Maintenance Oil enables quick and easy revival of traditional oiled wood floors and, without polishing, gives a natural and even matt look. Maintenance Oil has a pleasant, subtle fragrance of natural wax and is easy to apply to all pre-oiled surfaces and commonly used wood species.



New formula
Specially designed for the maintenance of all traditional oils
Natural matt finish
Ideal to maintain coloured Hard Waxoil and prefinished UV oiled floors
Contains oils and waxes of natural origin
Quick drying

1 liter covers up to 30 m2

**Always try on small area prior apply to Whole.