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  • 1 Strip vs 3 Strip Wood Flooring Explained

      If you’re searching around for a wood flooring solution right now, it’s highly likely that you’re asking yourself the question “what’s the difference between 1 strip vs 3 strip wood flooring?” And you’re quite right to ask this question. In this article, we’ll explain both and give you our recommendation on which we think works best and why. 1 strip wood flooring     One strip wood flooring, as the name suggests is wood flooring that comes in the style of one strip of wood. In other words, it has one, single strip of solid wood that goes from one side to the other. On each floorboard you have no joins mid-board, all you have is the edges of the board. 3 strip wood flooring     Thre ... READ MORE >

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  • Light Oak Solid Wood Flooring Constantly Popular

      Although engineered wood flooring has dominated centre stage over the past few years, there has been a real trend back towards solid oak in the past few months. The most popular flooring option until not so very long ago, solid wood has really come back into big demand. Although a high quality engineered wood floor looks just like solid wood and in some ways is a whole lot more versatile when it comes to the likes of bathrooms and kitchens, there are still great arguments for choosing solid wood. If you’re in the market for light oak solid wood flooring, you’re not alone. Light oak solid wood flooring is constantly popular and to be honest, it’s easy to see why. At Wood and Beyond we are passionate about everything that ... READ MORE >

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  • Veneer Flooring - Complete Buyers Guide

      Veneer flooring is made up of a highly stable core board created by bonding layers and layers of ply together. That core board is then topped off with a solid wood top layer or lamella. And it’s that hardwood veneer that makes this product look so good and gives rise to the name veneer flooring. Why is veneer flooring such a good idea?     Veneer flooring is really popular and is a great idea because it is much more stable than solid wood flooring. Solid wood is a natural product and as such expands and contracts when it is exposed to temperature or moisture fluctuations. Although a certain amount of expansion and contraction isn’t a problem for a wooden floor, when it becomes excessive, in the likes of kitche ... READ MORE >

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  • Dark Rustic Engineered Wood Flooring In A Class Of Its Own

      Dark rustic engineered wood flooring is something that more and more people are searching for. However, we’ve found that when we speak to some of these people, when they ask for rustic, it’s not necessarily the grade of wood that they’re meaning – it’s more the look of the wood. That’s what inspired us to write this article. Rustic is one of four grades that wood is classed into when it’s lumbered. Rustic wood is typically a grade of wood that sports big knots and irregular colour patterns. But what we’ve found is that people are using the term ‘rustic’ to mean country-style or simple, rather than referring to the grade of the wood itself. So if this is what you’re looking for we’ve got some great exampl ... READ MORE >

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  • Real Oak Flooring - How Shade Can Complement Or Contrast Your Interior

      Almost everyone is aware that colours create atmosphere and provoke emotions. Even from a very young age, for example, we associate red with danger. But what people often forget about is that even in a natural colour palette there are a whole host of subtle colour differences that could change the entire look and feel of your room. Real oak flooring spans from almost white to dark brown even in its natural state, but clever use of different finishes means that the colours of oak floor you find on the market span even wider. In this article we want to inspire you to see how you can complement and contrast your interior and create a whole range of different moods and emotions. Sunny and fun   If you want your room to fe ... READ MORE >

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  • White Painted Floorboards: The Purest Of The Lot

      White painted floorboards are in big demand right now and it’s easy to see the attraction. A clean, light and bright flooring solution, white painted floorboards bring the smallest, darkest, dingiest room to life immediately – so you can imagine what they do to a room that already has a load of potential! At Wood and Beyond, we’re such huge fans of white painted floor boards that we have crafted three separate ranges that fit this category, and we’ve seen every single one used to great effect. Which you choose will depend on your budget, the look you want to achieve and the furnishings you’re going to add to your room. But in this article, we want to help you choose the white painted floorboards that suits you best of ... READ MORE >

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  • Natural Oak Flooring Excellent Backdrop To Bright Colours

      If you’re planning a room where you have decided to make a real statement, either by using bright coloured furnishing and accessories or a real rustic look, getting your flooring right is paramount. It may well be that you have decided that your room is going to be a real power-statement of colour or is going to resemble a walk in the countryside with great looking country prints. Either way, the last thing you want is to have your floor steal the show. When you’re planning a riot of colour or a real mix of prints, it’s essential to have a neutral and natural looking backdrop so that your floor isn’t competing with your star pieces. This is where natural colour oak flooring comes into its own. It truly is the perfect ba ... READ MORE >

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  • Timber Herringbone Flooring - More Popular Than Ever

      Timber herringbone flooring has seen a real surge in popularity in recent months. A wood flooring option that has roots going back centuries, this, along with lots of other parquet solutions had been more or less forgotten about for a long time. And at Wood and Beyond, we think that’s a real shame. But thankfully, people are starting to see the beauty and style that timber herringbone flooring can bring to their homes once again. We introduced a range of herringbone flooring not so long ago and it has proved so popular that we’ve widened the range and are now confident that we have something for everyone who’s on the lookout for timber herringbone flooring. You can see our full range here, but here are some specific solu ... READ MORE >

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  • Reclaimed Oak Engineered Flooring - Our Range Reviewed

      Reclaimed oak engineered flooring is in big demand. People who have reached the end of the road waiting for the old floor of their dreams to be dragged from a factory that’s about to be demolished, are turning to reclaimed oak engineered flooring as a great alternative. And from our point of view, they’re absolutely right. Don’t get us wrong, we understand the appeal of a genuinely old, reclaimed floor, but we are also huge fans of the flexibility offered by engineered wood flooring and the fact that you can have it right here, right now. There’s no lengthy waiting involved here. If you’ve had enough of waiting for your dream reclaimed floor to come on the market, here are some of the main reclaimed oak engineered floor ... READ MORE >

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  • Herringbone Floors Types And Prices

      Herringbone floors are in big demand. More and more people are on the lookout for floors that resemble the parquet flooring that was so commonly used in castles and stately homes across Europe centuries ago. When speaking about herringbone floor types and prices, it’s important to acknowledge that some people use the term ‘herringbone’ to describe parquet and chevron floors as well as pure herringbone. That’s why in this article, we’ll start by exploring the similarities between these different types before drilling deeper into pricing and what to expect. Herringbone, chevron or simply parquet? Parquet flooring, of which herringbone floors are an example, date back to the mid to late 1600s. French by origin, this style ... READ MORE >

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