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  • Reconstituted Wood Flooring Unravelled

      Reconstituted wood flooring is a much misunderstood flooring solution. While everyone is familiar with the look and feel of a great wood floor, people are realising that to find what you’re looking for can be more complicated than expected. There’s solid wood floor, there’s engineered wood floor, there’s laminate and there’s a whole host of terms used in the flooring world to describe each. In this article, we want to help explain what is meant by the term reconstituted wood flooring. How reconstituted flooring is built     Let’s start by explaining how reconstituted wood flooring is built. In a nutshell, reconstituted wood flooring is wood flooring that looks real to the eye and yet has a really cleve ... READ MORE >

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  • Black Tea vs. Jet Black Floorboards How the Two Compare?

      Black wood flooring is a really popular choice with a whole range of different people. A versatile, stylish and classy choice, black is a colour that simply never goes out of fashion. That’s why at Wood and Beyond, we always make sure we have an extensive and varied range of black floorboards in stock at all times. You can find our full range here. If black floorboards are on your flooring agenda, you probably don’t need us to remind you that black isn’t simply black when it comes to flooring. To be honest, I guess anyone in fashion or design would say the same thing. There’s jet black and there’s not so jet black and everything in between. Two of the most common black options that you’re likely to come across are B ... READ MORE >

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  • Grey Herringbone Flooring - Knock-Out Combination of Two Hot Trends

      Most people these days have some element of monochrome design in their home. Anyone who’s anyone has embraced the whole black and white movement with enthusiasm at some point in recent years. Black and white is a real style statement. But what we’ve seen happening in the last few years though is that the people who’ve gone this route are starting to seek out a number of shades of grey to break up the sometimes stark effect of the black and white contrast. This means that grey is a hot trend. No matter whether it’s rugs, curtains, feature walls or simply adding some grey scatter cushions, the impact of adding grey, this bang on trend colour to your room will bring it immediately up to date. When it comes to flooring, th ... READ MORE >

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  • Wooden Floorboards: 5 Common Online Buying Mistakes to Avoid

      Buying anything online involves some form of risk, but the good news is that fewer and fewer companies who sell disappointing goods are being allowed to survive long online. If you’re shopping around online to buy wooden floorboards, we’d like to help make your journey safer and your outcome better. In this article we’ll outline the 5 most common buying mistakes you should avoid when choosing and buying your new floor. Colour disappointment. Sadly, some people report being disappointed with the colour of their floor when it arrives. This is undoubtedly one of the major issues that people who buy online face. At Wood and Beyond we think this is a real shame. However, it’s not something we ignore. We do all we can to make s ... READ MORE >

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  • Cappuccino Oak Flooring for a Fantastic Natural Look

      If you think Cappuccino is something you pick up in Starbucks and savour on your walk from the underground to your office, it’s time to think again. At Wood and Beyond, we have a small, very select range of cappuccino wood flooring that will give you a really natural look in your home. If you’re looking for a wood floor that you can fit in most rooms in your home that will create a really natural look, then our range of natural solid oak in cappuccino colour is for you. Solid oak flooring is synonymous with quality and charm. And although it’s not recommended for fitting in bathrooms, kitchens or over under floor heating, this really is spectacular flooring for any other room in the home. In a range of different board siz ... READ MORE >

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  • Smoked Oak Engineered Flooring for a Cozy Atmosphere

      Smoking wood is an age-old tradition that’s been used to preserve wood since the start of the 20th century. A method that is reported to have been introduced by Gustav Stickley, it resulted in a look that really gathered interest with the arts and crafts movement of the time. Floors and furnishings of this era commonly have a smoked oak finish. Smoked oak engineered flooring is a modern-day development of this original idea and brings all the beauty and appeal of this age-old tradition bang up to date. Combining the great looks of century-old flooring with all the advantages that smoked oak engineered flooring offers truly results in the best of both worlds for someone who’s looking for something just a little bit different ... READ MORE >

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  • Gunmetal Vs. Grey Wood Flooring - How To Choose?

      Grey wood flooring has seen a real rise in popularity over the last few years. The first grey wood floors that came to the market tended to be a bit ‘flat’ when it came to colour, which meant that they were slightly lacking in character. But the more recent grey wood floors that we’ve sniffed out have all the character you’d expect of a wood floor and in many cases a whole lot more. One of the big grey floor trends that has come out of late is gunmetal. So if you’ve heard about gunmetal wood flooring and you’re wondering how to choose between that and straight grey, you’re in the right place. Grey wood flooring ranges from light to dark, but gunmetal, as the name suggests has an almost metallic look to it. Even t ... READ MORE >

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  • Thin Wood Flooring For Greater Flexibility

      The demand for thin wood flooring is going up. For anyone who is of the notion that ‘chunkier is better’ when it comes to any construction or interior material, this may seem odd. But there are really good reasons for choosing thin wood flooring in certain circumstances and in this article we’ll explore them so you can see whether or not this option might work for you. The first thing to say about thin wood flooring is that it’s incredibly flexible for many different reasons: First, it’s engineered wood flooring, so this means you can literally use it in every room in the home. That can’t be said for solid wood flooring for example, which isn’t normally recommended for use in rooms where temperatures or moisture ... READ MORE >

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  • Rustic Home Flooring - What Are Your Options?

      Rustic interior styling is a choice that more and more people are adopting. At one time to be held in high esteem, everything around you needed to be shiny, bright and new. However, today we are in awe of people who are able to create inventive interiors that incorporate bric-a-brac and salvaged items mixed with newer pieces to great effect. If your goal is to create an interesting and highly personal room, then rustic home flooring is a great backdrop. Rustic home flooring might consist of stone, tiles, concrete or wood. Either way, if you make the right choice, it could mean the difference between a look that is the envy of all your friends and family, and getting it horribly wrong. If you fancy a rustic home floor and are co ... READ MORE >

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  • Ivory Wood Flooring: a Charming Choice

      Ivory is a colour that’s associated with elephant’s tusks and wedding dresses, but more and more people are seeking out ivory wood flooring as the flooring of their choice. And you know what? It’s easy to see why. Ivory as an interiors colour choice is neutral but it also has a real charm about it that many other neutral colours simply can’t claim. A colour that goes with absolutely any style or colour combination in interiors, ivory wood flooring isn’t just a great choice for today. No, it’s like that little black dress or classic jacket, it’s an investment piece for the future. Here are some examples of the ivory wood flooring that we think you might like from our stock right now.     This natura ... READ MORE >

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