In our accessories page you will find closely related products of the highest quality. From premium worktop oil to maintain and add warmth to your new worktop, to super quiet underlay which will provide your new engineered wood flooring or solid wood flooring with perfect insulation over many years. Our range of accessories are market leaders in their category, similar to our range of hardwood products.

Free delivery is offered for all products in the accessories category when they are ordered with flooring , decking or worktops. We can not deliver any accessories on their own. 

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  1. L Shape End Clips for Composite Decking Boards
  2. Underlay Supremo Vinyl 1.5mm
    £2.90 /m² £29.00
  3. Adjustable Height Joist Cradle 10-40
  4. Underlay Supremo Heat Flow 1.8mm
    £4.30 /m² £43.00
  5. Underlay Supremo Silver 3mm
    £4.34 /m² £43.40
  6. White MDF Scotia Beading 16mm by 16mm by 2400mm
  7. Recoll Legnodur Adhesive 0.5 Kg
  8. Soft Wood Decking Joists 43mm By 70mm By 2000-3000mm
    As low as £7.60
  9. Fascia Decking Composite Supremo Dark Chocolate 50mm 50mm 1000mm
  10. DYI Rubber Hammer
  11. Underlay Supremo Gold Silence 5mm
    £8.58 /m² £68.64
  12. Fascia Decking Composite Supremo Teak 50mm 50mm 1000mm
  13. Acoustic Rubber Underlay 3mm By 10m
    £9.68 /m² £96.80
  14. Pair of Oak Lacquered Pipe Covers 10mm
  15. Pair of Oak Unfinished Pipe Covers 10mm

Items 1-15 of 96

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Set Descending Direction