Floor Plus Underlay Secura 3mm

£2.52 /m²
6.00 m²

Floor Plus Underlay Secura 3mm
Improve the acoustic comfort - good level of acoustic insulation in the room
For rooms with medium traffic intensity - high level of heavy load resistance

Floor Plus 3mm is an underlay made of extruded polystyrene (XPS), in the form  of plates. It guarantees high resistance to loads and moisture, optimum noise reduction and thermal insulation. Due to the system of grooves, it is more flexible and perfectly levels the sub-floor. The installation is very easy and fast.

The underlay is suitable for all types of floating floors and recommended for both laminate flooring and the engineered hardwood boards. It is especially advisable in case of uneven sub-floors.

Each pack contains 6 sqm.
Materials composition data 
Material Extruded polystyrene (XPS) 
Density 32kg/m3 
Thickness 3mm 

Sub Floor Levelling
Quick Fitting
Walking Noise Reduction
Impact Noise Insulation
Damp Proff