Room Visualiser

See Your Dream Floor Come to Life

Ever pondered over a new floor but unsure where to begin? Our Room Visualiser is a user-friendly tool that brings your flooring designs to life with just a few clicks, showing them in a real-world context. Selecting the ideal flooring can be a daunting task, especially when visualising its appearance in your unique space. Our Room Visualiser tool takes the guesswork out, providing you with an accurate depiction of how your selected flooring will enhance your room.

Visualise Your Ideal Space

Explore our diverse range of wood, laminate, and LVT flooring options within your own space with a simple upload of your room's photo. This step is an essential part of your journey towards finding your ideal flooring. Whether you're revamping or starting afresh, our tool allows for immediate visualisation of various styles and hues, transforming your space. If you're looking for inspiration, our preset room designs are at your disposal. Find the flooring that complements your decor and sets the right mood, all with the ease of our Room Visualiser - no apps, no fuss.

Make Informed Decisions

With an extensive selection of wood, laminate, and LVT floors, our tool simplifies your search. Filter by colour, suitability, type, and price to quickly identify your favourite. See the transformation in real-time as you zoom, rotate, and scroll through the options. Moreover, you can witness how our floors will look in your actual room. Just snap a photo, upload it to the Room Visualiser, and choose your preferred flooring from the menu. It's as simple as that!

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How to use it

01 Open the visualiser
02 Take a photo with your mobile or upload one on desktop
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