20mm Thick Wood Flooring


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Elevate the elegance of your living space with our 20mm wood flooring range, a perfect blend of strength and beauty. Our 20mm oak flooring, handpicked from the finest trees, weaves together nature's intricate textures and your interior design aspirations. From the warm, inviting hues of brown and grey to the sleek sophistication of white and black, we present a palette to match every ambiance. Enjoy the luxury of choices with our diverse styles: whether it's the timeless allure of plank, the vintage charm of herringbone, or the modern twist of chevron, we've got you covered. And with a 20-year warranty, top quality assurance, and next-day free sample deliveries, Wood and Beyond ensures every step you take on our floors is confident and carefree.

Discover a world of premium flooring with Wood and Beyond's 20mm real wood flooring, rated excellent on TrustPilot for our commitment to quality and service. Our 20mm hardwood flooring offers a wide range of shades, from rustic naturals to prime grades, curated for the discerning buyer. Ideal for various rooms including lounges, kitchens, and bedrooms, our range is tailored for glue down, floating, click system, and T&G fitting methods. Furthermore, customise the aesthetics with our array of finishes: oil, lacquer, brushed, or UV, promising durability and an impeccable sheen. Dive into our vast collection, enjoy discount prices, and find the perfect match for your dream space.