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Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered oak flooring are immensely popular for all types of properties, from residential homes to commercial premises. The need for engineered wood floors became apparent due to the limitations of solid floor, a complete natural product that has been around since the first wood floor was fitted. Engineered oak flooring are made from wood, but to a lesser extent. Their construction is made of Plywood or 3rd layer and a top layer called lamella that is made of wood. This top layer will vary in thickness, from 2mm to 6mm and will feature Oak wood. The thicker the top layer is, the more times the floor can be sanded and re-coated, a simple process that will revive the finish of the floor.

The floor looks identical to solid floors, but it is more versatile with its dimensions due to its flexibility and construction. Engineered oak floors are suitable for all fitting methods including floating installation, a cost effective method of wood flooring installation suitable for fitting in areas that may experience damp conditions (when lacquer finish is used on top of a max 14 mm or 15 mm thick floorboard) and suitable for fitting over underfloor heating using glue down fitting (when thickness is 18 mm or less with a max top layer of 5 mm thick).

Oak wood is widely used in the creation of engineered floors due to its durability, availability and attractive grain markings. The entire family of oak trees has over 600 species which are used in a wide range of applications, from ship building to beam construction. The wood has natural resistance to insect and fungal attack. Also considered an environmentally friendly choice as oak is renewable, recyclable and 100% natural.