128mm Wide Engineered Wood Flooring


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Step into the world of elegance with our 128mm engineered wood flooring, a signature blend of sophistication and durability. Curated meticulously from premium oak and walnut, these floors radiate a natural charm tailored to your unique taste. Whether you're curating a serene lounge or a lively dining room, the diverse styles—from timeless plank to modern chevron—enhance every ambiance. Couple this with our 20-year warranty, unbeatable TrustPilot ratings, and cost-effective pricing, and it's clear: Wood and Beyond isn’t just about floors, it's about crafting memorable experiences underfoot.

Explore the allure of 128mm engineered oak flooring, a testament to Wood and Beyond's commitment to excellence. Dive deep into the richness of its hues, ranging from understated naturals to bold blacks and crisp whites. The 128mm engineered flooring's adaptability is evidenced by its multi-fitting options and popular dimensions, catering to diverse aesthetic needs. As seekers of authentic, top-grade flooring venture online, they'll find our offering hard to surpass, given the rustic to prime grades and lavish finishes from glossy lacquer to textured brushed. With every search for 128mm engineered wood, customers find a promise of quality, variety, and unparalleled service.