125mm Wide Engineered Wood Flooring


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Discover the unparalleled sophistication of Wood and Beyond's 125mm engineered wood flooring—a union of style and sturdiness. Reflecting the best of nature, every plank boasts diverse finishes, from the sheen of oil and lacquer to the textured elegance of brushed and UV. Whether your preference leans towards the time-honoured charm of oak or the deep warmth of walnut, our 125mm wide engineered oak flooring caters to every discerning taste. With diverse layouts ranging from timeless plank designs to the intricate patterns of herringbone and chevron, you're not just choosing flooring, but an experience, reinforced by a 20-year warranty. Rated "Excellent" on TrustPilot, step confidently into a world where quality meets unbeatable value.

Embrace the luxury of 125mm engineered oak flooring with Wood and Beyond, where craftsmanship converges with durability. Celebrated for our unrivaled quality and unmatched prices, our 125mm wide engineered wood flooring spans from the earthy tones of rustic and natural to the refined aesthetics of select and prime grades. Available in sought-after thicknesses like 10mm, 12mm, and up to 15mm, we cater to every spatial and design necessity. Adaptable from the welcoming ambiance of halls to the intimate corners of bedrooms, every piece ensures easy installations, whether it's glue-down, floating, or tongue and groove. Dive into a colour palette featuring natural hues juxtaposed with modern blacks, greys, and whites, and let your space exude a distinct character, one plank at a time.