11mm Thick Engineered Wood Flooring


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Step into the world of precision, quality, and timeless appeal with our 11mm engineered wood flooring. Curated with unmatched expertise, each plank showcases the rich textures of oak and walnut, ensuring that every space, from your cozy lounge to the bustling kitchen, exudes charm and warmth. Revel in the vast array of designs, be it the classic allure of plank, the intricate patterns of herringbone, or the contemporary edge of chevron. Coupled with our unmatched 20-year warranty, exceptional TrustPilot reviews, and pocket-friendly prices, investing in Wood and Beyond's flooring isn’t just about beautifying your space; it’s about experiencing a legacy of quality.

Dive deep into the diversity of 11mm engineered flooring at Wood and Beyond. Our exceptional 11mm engineered oak flooring and luxurious walnut variants epitomise the perfect blend of beauty and resilience. With finishes that span from the rich depth of oil and lacquer to the sleek touch of brushed and UV, we cater to every aesthetic. Explore an extensive palette featuring natural hues, stark blacks, graceful greys, and immaculate whites. Whether you're inclined towards rustic charm or select sophistication, our range has something tailored for you. With flexible fitting options like glue down, floating, and click fit, Wood and Beyond ensures ease alongside elegance. Enhance your home’s appeal with the distinguished touch of our 11mm engineered wood collection.