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Microbeveled Solid Wood Flooring

Microbeveled solid wood flooring is wood flooring that is made from a specific species and grade of wood and absolutely nothing else, thus the name.  Microbeveled refers to the edges of the wood, which sport a very slight ‘v’.  Much less pronounced than the ‘v’ in beveled wood flooring, the v in microbeveled solid wood flooring nonetheless creates an interesting feature once the flooring has been laid. 

Helping to make the flooring easier to lay and reducing the risk of damage to the boards, microbeveled solid wood flooring is a highly popular flooring choice; even with DIY-ers.  Coming in a range of species, grades, colours and even finishes, this type of flooring suits every room in the home.

No matter whether you’re looking to create a modern feel to your home or a traditional ambiance, you can be sure that microbeveled solid wood flooring will add to the charm.