Supremo Luxury Click Vinyl Rigid Core Herringbone Flooring Oak With Built In Underlay 6mm By 127mm By 610mm

£23.17 /m² £38.70 /m²
Click System
Basement, Bathroom, Conservatory, Dining Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Hallway, Bedroom
Wear Layer
SPC Rigid Core
Pre-applied underlay
Herringbone, Wood Effect
Smoked Flooring Style If you are looking a smoked flooring it is important to note that due to the smoking process the colour variation is greater.
Commercial & Residential, Water Underfloor Heating
20 Years Residential, 3 Years Light Commercial Use
1.86 m²

Supremo Luxury Click Vinyl Rigid Core Herringbone Flooring Oak with Built-in Underlay 6mm x 127mm x 610mm

Experience high-quality flooring specially designed to make your living space stand out, with the Supremo Luxury Click Vinyl Rigid Core Herringbone Flooring Oak with Built-in Underlay. This high-end flooring solution is notable for its combination of beauty, practicality, and durability. Crafted from brown oak, renowned for its rugged charm, it measures 6mm in thickness, ensuring it is both robust and resilient. Each plank dimensions are 127mm in width and 610mm in length, providing extensive coverage for large areas. This brown colour evokes a pleasing natural aesthetic and exudes an inviting sense of warmth for your interior spaces. The flooring comes with a built-in underlay, which increases its insulation properties and provides additional comfort underfoot.

Experience the unbeatable luxurious feel and timeless look spruced up by this prestigious product from Supremo:

  • Premium-grade rigid core herringbone flooring
  • Charming brown oak finish
  • Sturdy thickness of 6mm with dimensions of 127mm x 610mm
  • Built-in underlay for maximum comfort
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting

Imagine stepping into a room filled with the classic elegance of herringbone design manifested in the Supremo Luxury Click Vinyl Rigid Core Flooring. The warm brown hue of oak not only enhances the beauty and comfort of your living space but also perfectly complements an array of interior decor styles. Whether you prefer contemporary minimalism or long for the rustic touch of traditional design, these opulent floors can transform your home into a haven of refined aesthetic appeal. The unique texture of oak adds a tactile sensation to luxury, making every step a joyous experience. Used in homes, offices or any high traffic areas, this flooring remains a testament to taste and craftsmanship, marking you out as a discerning home or business owner. Truly, this isn't just flooring – it's a lifestyle.

Free sample are available to order. The sample will allow you to feel the high quality of our wood and see its beautiful rich markings.

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Simply choose the 'Free Sample' option and complete the secure checkout process.

We strongly recommend to order a sample and not rely only on the photos on the web.

Due to the nature of the products, description and images should only be used for guidance.

We recommend fitting this product with our specific Underlay Supremo Vinyl 1.5mm

Unless the product has pre applied underlay already, in this case do not use any type of underlay but the pre applied underlay.

It needs to be installed on top of a 100% straight, rigid and even subfloor (We highly recommend to use self leveling compound to reach high enough degree of evenness).

When installing on top of screed the screed moisture must not exceed 2%.

Installation Highlight If the sub floor is made of wood floor boards a minimum 18mm plywood should be applied and secured before fitting the LVT

We strongly recommend that Vinyl flooring tiles must be installed only on dry screed subfloor and only by a professional fitter

Installing this product on top of an uneven subfloor or unsuitable underlay will cause the click system to fail and the floor to get damaged over time.

You have to create an expansion gap or barrier every 30m2 when fitting LVT.