Soil Herringbone Laminate Flooring 12mm By 101mm By 606mm

£16.56 /m² £29.00 /m²
Basement, Bathroom, Conservatory, Dining Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Hallway, Bedroom
Click System, Floating
Smoked Flooring Style If you are looking a smoked flooring it is important to note that due to the smoking process the colour variation is greater.
Plank Size
Water Underfloor Heating
AC Rating
AC4 Resistance level are extremely durable to wear and tear and excessive use. Suitable for general traffic, offices, boutiques or cafes. Also suitable for residential use.
AC5 Resistance level are extremely durable to wear and tear and excessive use. Suitable for public buildings, department stores, heavy traffic commercial and residential use.
5 Years Light Commercial Use, 18 Years Residential Only
2.20 m²

Soil Herringbone Laminate Flooring 12mm By 101mm By 606mm

Exhibit a sense of refined taste and sophisticated lifestyle with Soil Herringbone Laminate Flooring. Measuring 12mm by 101mm by 606mm, the board is of a robust thickness that lends additional stability to the floor structure. Boasting the bespoke finish and rooted colour, this laminate flooring adds warmth with its natural tones. The product is graded for its uniformity and consistency in hue and pattern, ensuring you receive a harmonious, beautiful finish on your floors.

The crowning glory of this Laminate Flooring is its herringbone style imparting a classic and timeless appeal. More highlights of this noteworthy product includes:

  • The intricate herringbone pattern that brings depth and dimension to a room.
  • The bespoke finish and colour that lends unique character and individuality.
  • A noticeable thickness of 12mm providing enhanced sturdiness.
  • The impressive consistency and uniformity promised by its grading system.
  • The convenience of maintenance, thanks to the laminate condition of the product.

Picture a cosy and inviting space that your friends and family will love. Thanks to its warm colour, the Soil Herringbone Laminate Flooring seamlessly integrates with different interior styles and colour schemes. Whether you decide to pair it with light hues for a breezy, casual look or with dark tones for a more intense, dramatic feel, the choice is yours. Create enviable spaces with the depth and uniqueness of herringbone pattern, distinct colour, and lasting finish.

When you have received your flooring, you should store it completely flat and in sealed boxes until you are ready to lay it. Boxes should be kept inside your house (not in a garage or other outbuilding). During storage, please make sure that your flooring is well away from extreme heat (radiators) and moist areas (recently plastered walls, damp basements etc). We recommend an acclimatizing period of few days, during which time flooring needs to be kept in sealed boxes at room temperature.

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