Rembrant Oak Laminate Flooring 12mm By 159mm By 1380mm

Basement, Bathroom, Conservatory, Dining Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Hallway, Bedroom
Click System, Floating
Plank Size
Fixed, Short, Wide
Water Underfloor Heating
AC Rating
AC4 Resistance level are extremely durable to wear and tear and excessive use. Suitable for general traffic, offices, boutiques or cafes. Also suitable for residential use.
AC5 Resistance level are extremely durable to wear and tear and excessive use. Suitable for public buildings, department stores, heavy traffic commercial and residential use.
1.76 m²

Rembrant Oak Laminate Flooring 12mm By 159mm By 1380mm

Our Rembrant Oak Laminate Flooring is a flooring solution in an elegant shade of brown, design and finesse. This product exhibits a technical specification of 12mm thickness, 159mm width, and 1380mm length. The laminate flooring has with an easy click system for installation. Its grade serves as a testimony to its endurance and it is poised to add a natural allure to your living space, thanks to its authentic oak finish.

The main attributes of the Rembrant Oak Laminate Flooring encapsulates the following:

  • The flooring sports a significant extent at a thickness of 12mm, width of 159mm, and a length of 1380mm.
  • The brown colour hue is designed to embody an oak-like appearance.
  • Integrates an easy click system that makes the installation process a breeze.
  • The endurance of the product is validated with its commendable grade.
  • The finish of the laminate flooring enhances the natural appearance of the product.

The Rembrant Oak Laminate Flooring offers a comfortable and sophisticated touch to your daily living space. The brown hue nets a pleasant ambience, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home décor. Be it hosting a casual dinner or spending quality time with your family, this flooring provides the right base for every occasion. The laminate flooring’s clever design, combined with an easy click installation process, helps in crafting distinctive spaces, enveloping the charm and beauty of natural oak. Choose the Rembrant Oak Laminate Flooring to evince a stylish flair in your abode.

When you have received your flooring, you should store it completely flat and in sealed boxes until you are ready to lay it. Boxes should be kept inside your house (not in a garage or other outbuilding). During storage, please make sure that your flooring is well away from extreme heat (radiators) and moist areas (recently plastered walls, damp basements etc). We recommend an acclimatizing period of few days, during which time flooring needs to be kept in sealed boxes at room temperature.

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