120mm Wide Wood Flooring

Transform your space with the sheer elegance of Wood and Beyond's 120mm wood flooring collection. Every step on our 120mm oak flooring offers a tangible luxury, seamlessly integrating with a range of interiors, from halls to bedrooms. Our diverse array encompasses the timeless charm of herringbone to the unique aesthetics of chevron. And as you envisage the perfect ambience for your home, our rapidly delivered free samples enable you to feel and compare finishes, ensuring your choice complements your vision. Rest assured, our 120mm wide oak flooring isn't just about beauty; it's a promise. A 20-year warranty stands testament to our commitment to quality, and our prices offer a value proposition that's as enticing as the floors themselves.

Dive into the rich legacy of 120mm hardwood flooring meticulously curated by Wood and Beyond. Whether you lean towards the natural allure of oak or the distinctive touch of walnut, our collection caters to every taste. The finesse of our oil finish, the contemporary sheen of lacquer, the texture of brushed, or the resilience of UV, there's a finish for every decor enthusiast. Further fine-tune your choice with shades ranging from ethereal light to profound dark, encompassing every hue in-between. Whether you have an inclination for the traditional glue-down or the modern click-fit, the 120mm wide wood flooring adapts. With unparalleled TrustPilot ratings, every square foot of our flooring harmonies uncompromised quality with unparalleled elegance./