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Experience an impeccable blend of sophistication and ease with Wood and Beyond's floating wood flooring. Our curated range, featuring the finest floating oak flooring, guarantees both a visual treat and the promise of a hassle-free installation. Be captivated by finishes that span from the timeless appeal of oil to the contemporary touch of UV, tailored to fit any room in your home—whether it's the warmth of a lounge or the bustling ambiance of a kitchen. Every plank echoes our commitment to unbeatable prices and quality, and with a 20-year warranty, your flooring choice becomes an investment in excellence and enduring elegance.

Explore the vast array of Wood and Beyond’s floating wood flooring options, meticulously crafted for the discerning homeowner. Delving into choices like floating oak flooring and floating wooden flooring, our offerings cater to a spectrum of tastes, from dark, rich hues to light, airy tones, including shades like natural, black, grey, and white. Whether you prefer finishes like oil, lacquer, brushed, or UV, or styles such as plank, herringbone, and chevron, we've got the perfect match for your aesthetic. Dive into a variety of grades from natural to prime and sizes from fixed to wide plank. Amplify your home's appeal and trust in the unparalleled reputation we've cultivated, as affirmed by our glowing TrustPilot ratings.