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Real Wood Flooring

Conservatory Wood Flooring

Wood flooring in a conservatory is not only a highly practical option, it can look really stylish too, but it’s important that you choose the right type of wood flooring. Generally speaking, conservatories, thanks to their abundance of glass have a tendency to get extremely hot at certain times of day and then cool down quite rapidly. Depending on the age and construction of the conservatory, this heating up and cooling down can also give rise to condensation.

Temperature and moisture changes pose challenges for solid wood floors. Solid wood flooring is made up from solid pieces of wood and nothing else. Because wood is a completely natural material, it expands and contracts when moisture and temperatures rise and fall.

Expansion and contraction in solid wood flooring is completely normal and happens in every room, but it can cause problems when it becomes extreme, as it can in conservatories. Rapid, repeated and excessive expansion and contraction can cause solid wood to warp and buckle and to develop large gaps between the boards, none of which is desirable. It is for this reason that engineered wood flooring is the most effective wood flooring for a conservatory.

Made up from layers of different wood products, which are bonded together to create an impressively strong and stable board, it’s the addition of the solid wood lamella, or top layer that makes engineered wood so appealing. Thanks to this solid wood topping, engineered wood looks just like solid wood, but due to its clever construction, it can withstand moisture and temperature changes much better than solid wood, making it the ideal choice for your conservatory. What’s more, if your conservatory gets lots of sun, you can even choose to have your floor finished with an ultra violet filter to protect its colour.