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Real Wood Flooring

Brushed and UV Lacquered Wood Flooring

Brushed and UV lacquered wood flooring is perfect if you want a natural looking floor, but you want the tough resilience of a lacquered finish.  Add the UV filter into the equation and you really do have it all with this option.  This style of flooring is perfect for any home or any room that has high or heavy footfall and ideally suited to busy halls or lounges. 

But the greatest thing about it is that because it’s made from engineered wood, you truly can use it anywhere in the home.  In fact, there are even options that you can install over under floor heating, so the world is your oyster here.

Every single one of our brushed and UV lacquered wood flooring options has been hand selected by our team because of its stunning good looks and the price we can bring it to you.  At Wood and Beyond, we know that you want a good deal, but we also know that you want the peace of mind of knowing you have an experienced team and a great guarantee behind you too.  And we can offer you that, and a whole lot more.