Basement Engineered Wood Flooring

With more and more people expanding their homes upwards, outwards and downwards, more and more people are seeking engineered wood flooring for basements.  A basement is a really useful, yet often overlooked space in your home.  Depending on its height, dimensions and ventilation, you may or may not be able to convert this space into a completely liveable space, but either way it’s valuable space that shouldn’t be ignored.

Engineered wood flooring for basements is perfect because it stands up to a whole lot more moisture and temperature fluctuations than solid wood floors.  The reason that engineered wood flooring stands up to basement conditions better than solid wood is down to its construction.  Made by bonding layers and layers of ply together to create a stable core board, which is then topped off with a top layer or lamella of solid wood, engineered boards simply don’t expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood.

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