Full Stave Rustic Oak Kitchen Worktop Upstand 26mm By 75mm By 2900mm


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Oak is the most well-known and widely used timber in the UK. Oak Worktop is the classic choice if you are looking for durability, traditional elegance and great value for money. Wood and Beyond solid wood worktop surfaces are constructed from 40mm up to 120mm wide staves, carefully crafted from the highest quality raw materials to provide maximum strength, stability and durability throughout the years of service the worktop will provide. The oak worktop comes square edged and sanded to a super smooth 150 grit finish. It is supplied unfinished and will require oiling prior to installation.

Oak is a type of tree which is extremely popular for the construction of many types of wooden structures and furniture. The wood which is abundantly available enjoys very attractive grain markings, great strength and hardness. These properties make the wood not only popular for wood construction, but also for ship building and timber frame buildings. The light golden brown colour of oak will go well with any type and colour of kitchen.

   Why We Recommend Oak Worktops
» It gives a domestic or an office interiors an instant Chic classic look
» By its nature Oak is very durable making it perfect as a kitchen worktop
» Great value for money makes this product one of our popular worktops

Rustic grade of worktops has less uniformed look and some colour variation. It is also could contains few knots and wood filler character marks. The Rustic grade has natural looks and it is ideal choice for any country settings.

Rustic Worktop Construction
Rustic Worktop is made from staves of solid wood which are then cut, graded and kiln dried to ensure a moisture level suitable for domestic interior use such as the kitchen. These materials are then glued together to form one homogeneous panel of wood which is stable and durable. Rustic Worktop is especially designed for interior use and will easily handle the day to day use required from a kitchen or bar worktop. The worktop is very easy to maintain, needing only the occasional oil coating and basic care.

Important Information
Wood is a natural product and may have significant colour variation, and whilst every effort is made to colour match as much as possible, we cannot guarantee any consistency of colour from one worktop to another.

When you receive your worktops, it is very important to store them completely flat (it is recommended on supporting bearers) until you are ready to install. All worktops need to be kept inside your house (not in a garage or any other outbuilding). During storage, please make sure that they are kept well away from extreme heat (radiators, under floor heating etc) and kept away from any moist areas (recently plastered walls, dump basements etc). Before installation, please make sure you oil your worktops at least three coats on ALL sides including edges, we recommend using Danish Oil or Worktop Oil. After installation, you will need to oil the upper parts of the worktop once a week for the first 6 weeks, then approximately every three month- depending on the usage. This is standard practice for real wood worktops as they are made from natural materials.

Please ensure that your Worktops are completely re-wrapped after inspection and stored on completely flat and level surface, with bearers in between (this will allow the air to circulate between the worktops and prevent deflection). Do not store worktops vertically or on edges. If you wish to store your worktops for a long period, you should turn them every other day to prevent cupping or bowing. Never store worktops in an unheated environment - especially outdoors, in sheds or garages. Keep the worktops dry and away from direct sources of heat such as radiators, boilers, AGA’s, and intense direct sunlight etc. All wet trades (especially plastering) should be finished and a sufficient period of time allowed for natural drying out before storing hardwood worktops in the same room. Allow the worktop a day or so to adjust to the ambient temperature and humidity of its new surroundings prior to installation.

If warping does occur, your worktop can still be screwed down to the base units and the wood will correct itself naturally after a short period (2-3 weeks). Read below for details on how to do this. Your worktops are dispatched in sound condition and it is your responsibility to store and maintain worktops correctly. WOOD N BEYOND cannot be held responsible if due care and attention is not maintained.

If a worktop has become cupped or bowed due to moisture differences on site, or after lengthy or incorrect storage, the worktop will need to be installed differently. Firstly, fix the entire length of the rear of the worktop to the supporting base units. Then gently and gradually, using clamps and battens, pull the worktop downwards before screwing down the front edge. Please be advised that it may take 1-2 weeks for the worktop to completely settle down and resume its completely flat shape. Always leave a suitable gap between the worktop and direct sources of heat such as a Rayburn or Aga.

It is essential to fit protective END-CAPS on worktops, sited directly alongside or near high heat ovens like Aga, Rayburn or Range. As you are aware, these ovens produce intensive heat, and the end caps are protecting the worktop ends from drying out and splitting.

Also, if your worktop is being installed above kitchen appliances that produce a large amount of heat or vapours (washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, boilers or built-in fridges & freezers), then it is highly advisable to fit a moisture barrier/Silver Foil to protect your worktops against these factors.

Sample Information
Free sample is available to order. We charge £1.80 delivery which will be refunded once you've placed your order with us. The sample will allow you to feel the high quality wood and see its beautiful rich markings. We aim to dispatch the sample within a day so you won't have to wait long. Simply choose the 'Free Sample' option and complete the secure checkout process.
Colour Natural
Width 75mm
Thickness 26mm
Length 2.90m


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