Ipe Decking Boards

Ipe decking is part of the hardwood decking range of options. Although hardwood decking is simply flat, wood planks, laid over an outdoor area, on which you might place furniture or plant pots, a well planned and thought out deck area can truly transform your outdoor living experience. A deck provides the perfect way to extend your living space and really enjoy the great outdoors, letting you take advantage of the extremely sought after indoor:outdoor lifestyle.

Hardwood decking is a stylish and popular way to create terraces; swimming pool surrounds and bespoke seating areas. The hardwood used for decking is sourced from selected wood species that are known for their resistance to fungal growth and offer naturally superior levels of durability and wear resistance, without the need for chemical treatment.

Ipe Decking hailes typically from the South American continent countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru and is recognisable thanks to its yellowy olive to dark olive colouring. Ipe decking is a really popular decking choice, because of its natural resistance to insects as well its toughness and naturally fire resistance. In fact, ipe decking is so tough, that the wood it is made from is often called “ironwood”! Add to this its stability when used as decking, as well as its tendency to darken and mature particularly well in ultraviolet light and you begin to see why ipe decking is so sought after.

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