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Solid Oak Worktops

One of the most well known hardwoods, oak is an extremely popular choice of raw material in the construction of wooden furnishings as well as for indoor and outdoor joinery projects. The wood, which is abundantly available, enjoys attractive grain markings, great strength and hardness. These properties make it not only popular for domestic wood projects, but also for shipbuilding and timber frame buildings. The tree from which this surface is made of is associated with strength and endurance and symbolises many businesses, associations and indeed countries.

It comes in a range of natural colourings from light to dark as well as a range of grades from prime to rustic, which means it’s not only long-lasting and versatile, it’s affordable as well. As well as looking good, it is particularly hardwearing and with the right care and attention will look good for many, many years.

Oak worktops are a highly sought after and popular kitchen styling option.  Offering a hardwearing and attractive working surface for even the busiest kitchens, they are generally supplied untreated, which means you can apply the most suitable finish to suit your desired look.  The ideal choice to match up with oak cabinets or to add a twist to a stainless steel kitchen, these will not only add charm, but will look great, even after the test of time. To help keep your worktop looking great and to prolong their life, all you need to give them is a regular coat of protective oil.  


Worktops from wood are durable, classic in their look and will instantly become the focal point in any kitchen. Each wood species has a slightly different shade and markings, such as brown with uniformed fine markings for worktops made from Oak or dark chocolate brown colour with natural colouring for worktops made from Black Walnut. The beauty of the solid wood worktops lies in their warm tones and natural beauty. When choosing these instead of other worktop types, you benefit from the ability to maintain and enhance its fantastic natural rich and warm look, whilst other work surfaces age badly through the years. Moreover, because solid worktops are constructed from solid materials all the way through (100% real wood), you can easily sand the surface and restore it to its natural glory should you ever need to.

To name just a few, our wooden worktops range includes Oak Worktops, Iroko Worktops, Walnut Worktops and many more. Each comes in a variety of dimensions from 2m to 4m and many more popular dimensions.

Selected products are available to order also as a Sample delivered straight to your door. Just click on your choice of worktop and select the 'Sample' option. The £0.99 P&P will be refunded when you have placed your order with us.

Why Choose Wood Worktops For Your Kitchen?
The high quality solid wood which is the base for the worktop (also known as 'Counter Top') is made from staves of wood which are then cut, selected, graded and kiln dried to ensure a moisture level suitable for domestic interior use such as a kitchen. These materials are then glued together to form one homogeneous panel. The process known as finger jointing gives a stable and durable construction to the wood ensuing it will last for many years even under the most extensive use. It also reduces the natural defects of the wood and ensures a more consistent colour and grain pattern.