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Premium Iroko Worktop 3000mm By 620mm By 38mm
£190.43 ex VAT
Natural Engineered Oak Flooring Brushed UV Oiled 14/3mm By 189mm by 1860mm
£34.05 £34.05 ex VAT
Select Engineered Oak Fired Brushed & Oiled 14/3mm By 190mm
£40.24 £40.24 ex VAT
Natural Engineered Oak Paris White 14/3mm By 150mm By 1900mm
£44.90 £32.45 ex VAT
Romantic Valentine
Prices from £31.52/m2
Prices from £27.14/m2
Prices from £6.00/m2
Prices from £73.68
Prices from £1.60/m2
Prices from £38.83
Prices from £14.00/m2
Prices from £0.00
Prices from £0.00
Prices from £31.52
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FSC certified
Flooring, Worktop and Decking News

Basket Weave Wood Flooring

Mon, 24 Nov 2014 07:28:21

Basket weave wood flooring has been a popular wood flooring option for decades.  A highly attractive alternative to straight wood flooring planks, it was out of vogue for a while but has now come back into interior focus with a vengeance.  Essentially produced using interweaving wood panels so they look like one ‘weaves’ under another, [...] more »

Patterned Wood Flooring

Fri, 21 Nov 2014 15:27:21

No matter what sort of interior style you have in mind, deciding on the right flooring option is a major factor in the overall success of your project.  With such a broad range of wood flooring options available these days, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed.  That said, even thought the checklist [...] more »

Wood Flooring For Under Floor Heating

Mon, 17 Nov 2014 07:08:51

Under floor heating is a great way to heat your home.  Not only is it a modern alternative to cluttering up walls with radiators, it is also considered a high spec addition to a home.  What this means is that the introduction of under floor heating has the potential to push up the resale value [...] more »