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Coffee Chic Natural Engineered Oak Brushed and UV Oiled Flooring 14/3mm By 125mm
£44.50 £29.29 ex VAT
Premium Iroko Worktop 3000mm By 620mm By 38mm
£190.43 ex VAT
Natural Engineered Oak Flooring Brushed UV Oiled 14/3mm By 189mm by 1860mm
£39.05 £37.13 ex VAT
Natural Engineered Oak Paris White 14/3mm By 150mm By 1900mm
£44.90 £34.93 ex VAT
Romantic Valentine
Prices from £36.22/m2
Prices from £27.86/m2
Prices from £6.50/m2
Prices from £73.68
Prices from £38.30/m2
Prices from £61.71
Prices from £14.00/m2
Prices from £0.00
Prices from £424.67
Prices from £36.22
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FSC certified
Flooring, Worktop and Decking News

Farmhouse Wood Flooring Gaining in Popularity

Mon, 16 Feb 2015 07:43:56

Farmhouse finish wood flooring is gaining popularity all over the UK and for very good reason.  No matter whether homeowners are plumping for engineered or solid wood flooring, the grade that seems to be appealing to more and more people of late is rustic or farmhouse grade. There are essentially four grades of wood: prime, [...] more »

Solid Wood Flooring Underlay

Fri, 06 Feb 2015 15:21:54

Most people who lay solid wood flooring assume that they can get away without an underlay.  While in many circumstances, excluding underlay from your solid wood flooring installation won’t cause a major problem; in certain cases, there are advantages to going the extra mile and including it. Here are some of the great reasons to [...] more »

Sunny White, Paris White, Polar White Wood Flooring Is There A Difference?

Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:04:27

White wood flooring is a highly sought after flooring option right now and for anyone who is just at the beginning of their journey in the search for their perfect white wood floor you could be forgiven for thinking a white floor is a white floor!  If this is your idea, you really couldn’t be [...] more »