Solid Walnut Worktops

Walnut is recognised as one of the most sought after hardwoods throughout Europe and the United States. A slow growing tree, the most popular types of walnut include English walnut as well as black and white walnut. That said, most commonly found growing in North America, black walnut is one of the most desirable and recognisable of the walnut wood types. Acknowledged as being easy to work with and taking on an attractive polished effect, walnut wood is appreciated for its rich, natural colour.

Strong and durable, walnut wood comes in two different types of timber. The outside of the walnut tree is known as the sapwood and the inner layer, the heartwood. Heartwood is recognised by its rich, deep chocolate colour. The strength of walnut wood is evidenced in the fact that it can be used as an extremely fine veneer, which means that a walnut effect can be created by adding a veneer topping to cheaper woods.

A highly popular choice with discerning clients, walnut worktops normally come in a rich chocolate or almost purple colour and feature a straight, regular grain. The strength of walnut wood withstands the challenges of kitchen life; meaning walnut worktops are a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen. Equally suited to modern and traditional kitchen cabinets and styling, a walnut worktop will enhance your kitchen to the max. Walnut worktops come in a broad range of options to suit your kitchen styling as well as your pocket.

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