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Prime Grade Solid Wood Worktops

If you’re looking for a solid wood worktop option with a highly consistent and clean look, then prime grade solid wood worktops is the solution you’re after.  Made from a range of different species of prime grade wood, the grain and sap content of this wood are both extremely low.  What this means is that you can expect extreme regularity in the wood. 

When wood is lumbered, it is graded into one of four categories: prime, select, natural and rustic.  Prime grade is the wood grade that boasts the most regular and uniform look.  Although it is the most expensive of all of the wood grades, there’s no getting away from the fact that this wood grade option makes a real statement in any kitchen.

No matter whether your kitchen is cutting edge designer in style or more traditional, you can be sure that by introducing a prime grade solid wood worktop, you will cook up a great look.