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Natural Grade Solid Wood Worktops

No matter whether you’re a Master Chef or a true amateur in the kitchen, a wooden worktop is a real pleasure to work with.  Adding warmth and character to any style of kitchen, a natural grade solid wood worktop is a great way to re-look a kitchen on a budget or a way of finishing your kitchen design in an original and appealing way.

Wood comes in a whole variety of species, grades, colours and finishes, and natural grade solid wood worktops are not only affordable, but are also a great looking solution for your home, irrespective of whether it’s modern or traditional.  Natural grade solid wood worktops are mid-range of the worktop grade options. 

With a selection of small to larger sized knots, a natural grade solid wood worktop is guaranteed to be full of charm and character.  No matter which colour or species of wood you choose, you can be sure that this option will stay looking good for a very, very long time.