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40mm Thick Solid Wood Worktops

If you’re looking for a kitchen worktop that screams quality, this 40mm thick solid wood worktop option is for you.  A seriously chunky piece of kitchen gear, 40mm thick solid wood worktops are the perfect accompaniment to either budget kitchen cabinets to give them the finishing touch that raises them to a new level or when you’ve chosen top of the range cabinets and you want to top them off to the max.

No matter whether you’re re-fitting your kitchen in its entirety or you’re simply updating the look with new worktops, these 40mm thick solid wood worktops are a great choice.  Granted, they’re not the cheapest in the world, but the life expectancy of this option, together with their stunning good looks makes the extra investment required well worthwhile.

If you’re serious about taking your kitchen to a whole new level, these worktops won’t only give you great looks, they’re highly functional, extremely practical and easy to maintain too.