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Wooden Worktops

3 Meter Long Solid Wood Worktops

If you’re looking for 3 metre long solid wood worktops you’re in absolutely the right place.  3 metre long solid wood worktops are really popular for a whole host of reasons.  First, they are suitable for pretty much every kitchen except the very big or the very small.  Second, when it comes to classy good looks, solid wood is hard to beat.

A simple to maintain and natural solution for kitchen worktops that last and last, these 3 metre long solid wood worktops are a pleasure to work on and to look at.  Enhancing kitchens that are both modern and more traditional in style, solid wood worktops are full of charm and style.

If you’re looking to either replace your worktops to breathe new life into your kitchen or if you’re completely re-designing your kitchen, you won’t go wrong with these 3 metre long solid wood worktops.