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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Walnut Flooring

Solid walnut flooringare made from complete Walnut wood that improves with age. Each floorboard is made from Walnut timber that is strong, durable and recyclable. Their solid construction means that the wood is often used to add further support to properties and that it can last for over 100 years, provided the right care is adhered to in the form of regular sweeping and mopping with a damp mop.

Solid Walnut flooringoriginates from Walnut tree, a group of over 21 trees widely available from Europe to Japan, with the most popular is the Black American Walnut. It shares the common benefits of solid wood flooring such as been able to sand and re-coat the finish of the floor to an allergy friendly flooring option as wood collects lass dust when compared to other floors. Solid walnut when varnished is easy to maintain, requiring sweeping and mopping (or in the case of oil finish, simply use a hoover). They are known to added value to the home well beyond the initial cost of installation and are ethically sourced from managed forests.

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