Rustic Full Stave Solid Oak Unfinished Step 20mm By 270mm By 900-1200mm

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Solid oak full stave steps are a type of stair tread made from solid oak wood. "Full stave" refers to the construction technique where the tread is made from a single, continuous piece of wood, rather than smaller pieces glued together. This construction method provides increased stability and durability, as well as a more visually appealing and uniform appearance. Solid oak full stave steps are often used in high-end or luxury homes and commercial spaces due to their high quality and sophisticated look.

Wood and Beyond’s solid wood worktop surfaces are constructed from 40mm up to 120mm wide staves, carefully crafted from the highest quality raw materials to provide maximum strength, stability and durability throughout the years of service the worktop will provide.

The full stave worktop is made from staves of solid wood which are then cut, graded and kiln dried to ensure a moisture level suitable for domestic interior. These materials are then glued together to form one homogeneous panel of wood which is stable and durable. Full stave worktop is especially designed for interior use and will easily handle the day to day use required from a kitchen or bar worktop.

Style Full Stave
Grade Rustic
Width 270mm
Thickness 20mm
Product Finish Unfinished
Edging Square