Recoll Silanblock Adhesive 15 Kg


One-component elastic adhesive, made with silanic resin solventless and consistent spreadable paste, specific for the bonding of wood flooring.


Universal elastic adhesive very strong and odor-free, without symbols of risk-highyield (+30 / 40%) easy spreadability and easy to clean suggested over underfloor heating systems and biohousebuilding sound proofing.


  • The elastic bonding ensures the compensation of possible movements of glued parts, without breackings tipical for stiff adhesives.
  • Good adhesion to substrates also not perfectly seasoned.
  • One-component product , ready for use, the pre-mixing is not necessary.
  • Odourless and solventless.for the respect of environment and applicator
  • Improves the thermoacoustic insulation between the substrate and coating bonded.
  • Excellent adhesion, even after a few hours, on many substrates such as: cement,brick , stone, wood, ceramics
  • Can be used with most sizes of wood floorings available on the market.


One-component adhesive polymer-based silane modified without water, solvents, epoxy resins, isocyanates and amines. Resilient and tenacious. For use with all species and sizes of wood. Suitable for absorbing and not absorbing substrates. Particularly suitable for underfloor heating systems, easy to clean on prefinished. This adhesive it can be used by installers who are allergic to epoxy and epoxypoliurethane products.

  1. Before installation check that the rooms are equipped with doors and windows or other suitable closings.
  2. The humidity of the bunch should meet the requirements of the regulations for the installation of wood and indicated in the technical sheet of the parquet.
  3. If the surface is not dry or when the moisture content is higher than expected, we recommend the use of appropriate waterproof primers as PRIMER PU – POLY ECO.
  4. When there is the danger of rising damp, always insert a vapor barrier before the realization of the bunch.
  5. Do not use SILANBLOK SM at temperatures below +10 ° C or above + ° 35C.
  6. Install only if the walls and ceilings are completely dry.


1. Substrate Preparation

Check the background to verify the condition and to make it suitable for installation of the parquet. Cementitious screeds must be cured, dry, flat, mechanically strong. The surface must be free of dust, loose particles, residual oils and paints. The screed humidity has to be measured with the hygrometer. To solve cases of residual humidity exceeds limit for the installation you must wait for the drying of the screed, or apply the appropriate waterproofing materials such as primers: PRIMER PU / POLY ECO / PS39/ 3W. The rough surfaces or out of level can be adjusted with high mechanical smoothings using thepowder leveling REPLAN.The installation can be carried out after drying (seeTDS). For existing floors of ceramic marble, etc..they must be degreased and cleaned thoroughly before gluing. You can spread the adhesive when the surface is dry.

2. Anhydride substrates

After sanding and dustaspiration, apply PRIMER PU/ POLY ECO, PS39/ 3W, etc.. quartzide while is still wet and the next day after the complete curing, remove excess unbound crystal, then proceed bonding.

3. Spreading of adhesive

Open the foil pouch contained in the plastic bucket and spread on the substrate with a notched trowel for wood the amount of adhesive that must be covered with parquet within 35 minutes under normal conditions of temperature and humidity (+20 ° C 50 % RH) In the case of partial use of packaging open the foil pouch, remove the skin may be formed and proceed as above. The layer of skin preserves the remaining product.

4. Laying of parquet

The flooring to be installed must be stored inside a place protected from the weather, dry, not subject to condensation of steam inside the packages provided by the manufacturer and must be isolated from soil. The moisture content shall be as prescribed by the TDS of product manufacturer. During the laying exert pressure to ensure good wetting with the adhesive. The particular rheology of SILANBLOK SM allows easy recording. Leave along the perimeter of the floor, around the pillars and the protruding parts, a joint of about 1 cm. Avoid reflow of the adhesive in the joints of the strips to avoid contaminating the surface. Closing of partially used packages To keep the remainder of the product to work is finished, the foil pouch tightly letting out as much air as possible to prevent the formation of surface skin. Seal with tape or other equivalent system. Place them in the original plastic bucket.


The floors are walkable after approximately 12 hours.


Smoothing is possible after 3 days of wood flooring application. Any adhesive residue present on the surface of the flooring is easily cleanable with our product PULITORE PR


SILANBLOK SM can be removed when is still wet with PULITORE PR or specific products, after curing must be carried out by mechanically.


800-1000 g/sm


Kg.15 bag of aluminum contained in a plastic bucket. This product covers approx. 12 sq.m. STORAGE

In the original packings tightly closed and stored under normal conditions 12 months. Safety instructions for the preparation and implementation.