160mm Wide Wood Flooring


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If you’re planning a flooring project and want a stunningly good looking solution that won’t eat up too much of your interior budget, then 160mm wide wood flooring is a perfect solution.  A great half way house between narrow boards and expensive broad boards, 160mm wide wood flooring can be used throughout the home.

When organising a project for 160mm wide wood flooring in a bathroom or a kitchen, or where you have under floor heating, you should choose an engineered wood flooring board.  Engineered wood flooring boards are constructed in such a way to withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations admirably, which makes them ideal for use in these rooms and where you have under floor heating.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking to floor another room in the home with 160mm wide wood flooring and that room doesn’t have under floor heating, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you choosing a solid wood option.