16mm Thick Wood Flooring


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Elevate your home's aesthetic with Wood and Beyond's 16mm wood flooring. Every plank, whether simple or herringbone, echoes sophistication and unrivalled craftsmanship. Our 16mm oak flooring is more than a visual delight; it's a tactile luxury. Whether you're revamping your lounge or bedroom, our range is tailor-made to magnify elegance in every room. Dive into varied finishes, from the rustic charm of oil to the modern sheen of UV. Explore with confidence; our complimentary samples will arrive at your door swiftly, allowing you to envision the transformation firsthand. And when you choose our flooring, you're not just buying wood; you're investing in a promise, backed by a 20-year warranty and prices that are as alluring as the floors themselves.

Experience the rich tradition and modern versatility of 16mm hardwood flooring, curated exquisitely by Wood and Beyond. With widths spanning from 100mm to a grand 270mm, we cater to both intimate corners and expansive halls. Dive into a palette of shades, from the timeless natural hue to bold blacks, soothing greys, and pristine whites. Our offering extends across various grades, from the untouched natural to prime, ensuring there's a match for every decor. Whether you're a fan of the enduring glue-down technique or prefer the contemporary click-fit, our 16mm range accommodates your preference. Our commitment shines through our TrustPilot ratings, making every step on our floors a testament to quality and elegance.