Painted Wood Flooring

Painted wood flooring is a hugely popular flooring solution and it’s easy to see why.  Bringing you options that range from bright, brilliant white through to jet black with everything in between, painted wood flooring really does offer something for everyone.  At Wood and Beyond we’re huge fans of engineered wood flooring and have a huge range of painted options available.

Choose from brushed white oiled, grey UV oiled, oak smoked reclaimed look black or natural oak that’s left unfinished; either way, you can’t go wrong.  When you choose painted wood flooring you know you can match it up with any interior style that takes your fancy so you can get as creative and crazy as you fancy – you certainly won’t go wrong.

The great thing about an engineered option is that you’ll be able to fit it throughout your home, even in areas where temperatures and moisture levels rise and fall significantly.  This stable and highly popular solution will barely bat an eyelid!  If you fancy checking it out for yourself, why not order a free sample to be delivered to your home.  It’s easy and quick and you can do it right here on our website.

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