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Experience the luxury and durability of Wood and Beyond’s kitchen wood flooring. Handpicked oak and walnut selections offer a blend of nature's finest, tailored to infuse warmth and elegance into every kitchen. Whether you lean towards rustic charm or a prime-grade modern look, our versatile range aligns with every vision. Enhance your space's aesthetics and function with thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 20mm and diverse plank styles. Committed to delivering unparalleled service, we proudly offer Free Delivery Samples and are recognised with an 'Excellent' rating from our esteemed clientele. Dive into a world of impeccable finishes - from brushed to UV - ensuring every footstep resonates with luxury.

Explore Wood and Beyond’s curated selection of kitchen wooden flooring, designed for the heart of your home. Specialising in kitchen real wood flooring, we showcase premium oak and walnut materials, ensuring long-lasting beauty and performance. Our palette ranges from natural, light, and dark shades, harmonising effortlessly with black, grey, and white hues. Discover our extensive size range, boasting widths from 100mm to 270mm, and various fitting options like glue down, floating, click fit, and tongue and groove fitting. Our kitchen flooring collection seamlessly integrates with underfloor heating systems and flaunts an assortment of styles, including plank, herringbone, and chevron. Transform your culinary space with flooring that blends elegance and functionality.