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Real Wood Flooring

Hardwax Oiled Wood Flooring

Hardwax oiled wood flooring is a hardwearing, yet natural flooring finish that enables you to protect your floor at the same time as bringing out the natural beauty of the wood to the max.  Often combined with a brushing process, but not always, hardwax oiled wood flooring typically looks more matt than a lacquer and is the option preferred by people who are seeking a

Both engineered and solid wood flooring options come with the option of a hardwax oiled finish.  So if you’re looking for hardwax oiled wood flooring for any room in your home, we have a solution that will work perfectly.

Hardwax oiled wood flooring can even be fitted in bathrooms and kitchens as well as over under floor heating.  In each of these situations, you should choose engineered, rather than solid wood flooring that has been hardwax oiled for your project.