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Real Wood Flooring

Brushed and Oiled Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is not only an easy to maintain and durable flooring option, it’s also a great way to add charm and good looks to any style of interior. The flooring of choice in castles and stately homes for years, wood flooring is enjoying a real renaissance and it’s easy to see why. With a whole range of colour, species, grade and finish options, there’s a wood flooring solution to suit every taste and budget.

Wood flooring options include solid and engineered, both of which provide warm, natural end results. Solid wood flooring is often thought of as the “real” wood option, but engineered wood flooring is giving it a run for its money nowadays. Cut from single pieces of your chosen grade and species of wood, solid wood is made of that wood and nothing else. Engineered wood flooring is a combination of layers of plywood which is topped with a solid oak lamella or top layer.

Brushed and oiled finish flooring is wood flooring which has been brushed to open up the grain and then oiled to create the finish. Brushing is carried out by machine and really helps to enhance the grain of the wood, giving brushed and oiled wood flooring a highly textured look. Brushed and oiled finish wood flooring has a really natural look, making it perfect for anyone seeking to create a characterful yet natural-looking interior style.