Long Length Engineered Wood Flooring


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Experience the elegance of elongation with our long plank engineered wood flooring. Each plank from Wood and Beyond is a testament to fine craftsmanship, embodying elegance and sophistication. Sourced from the robust oak and the lush walnut, every long plank engineered oak flooring piece is more than just a floor – it's a style statement. With an array of finishes, from the rustic charm of oil to the contemporary sheen of uv, each plank is a visual treat. Every purchase resonates with trust, underscored by our 20-year warranty and the commitment to bring the best to your spaces.

Dive into an expansive collection of long plank engineered flooring, meticulously designed for homes that cherish class. With a range featuring classic plank to artistic herringbone and chevron styles, your choices are both diverse and distinct. Navigate through an assortment of shades, encompassing the serenity of light hues and the depth of dark tones, enriched by select colours, greys, and whites. Praised as Excellent on TrustPilot and known for our industry-leading prices, Wood and Beyond is the epitome of quality in long plank engineered oak flooring. Catering to varied installation needs from glue down to click fit, and befitting every room from the hall to the bedroom, our flooring transforms homes into havens. Discover the blend of nature's best with engineered perfection today.