Natural Engineered Flooring Oak Brushed Uv Matt Lacquered 14/4mm By 150mm By 1570-2400mm FSC 100% Certificate : NC-COC-054381

£38.30 /m² £99.75 /m²
Oak It is renowned for its durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for products. Oak wood flooring offers a range of color variations, spanning from light to dark shades
Walnut It is rich chocolate/purplish brown colour is amazing in its richness and is noted for its beautiful grain character, this floor is perfect for the ones who are after a dark unique colour.

Please note, for Natural wood products one plank will be different from other planks, the information regarding the grading is a general description of the grading level:

Natural & Natural Sap Expected Allows for sapwood, knots of any size, mineral streaks, wood filler, natural grain pattern, colour variation and any imperfections filled with wood filler.
Prime Has fewer and smaller knots than Eco Prime & Select grade, while still retaining some sapwood, knots, and the acceptance of colour variation and knots ranging from 10-15mm.
Rustic Is vibrant, permitting sapwood, knots of any size, mineral streaks, natural grain, and colour variation. It has a natural grain pattern, with possible imperfections filled with wood filler.
Eco Prime & Select Has fewer knots and wood filler than Natural grade while still retaining some sapwood, knots, mineral streaks, natural grain pattern and colour variation, with possible imperfections filled with wood filler.

"Due to the nature of wooden products, description and images should only be used for guidance." Any knots, splits, or imperfections will be filled by coloured, black, or wood colour filler. Colour Variation can happen from plank to plank in the same box, from box to box and from batch to batch.

Dining Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Hallway, Bedroom
Tongue and Groove
Product Finish
Brushed UV Lacquered
Water Underfloor Heating
Smoked Flooring Style If you are looking a smoked flooring it is important to note that due to the smoking process the colour variation is greater.
Plank Size
Wear Layer
4.0mm +/- 0.3mm
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1.74 m²

Natural Engineered Flooring Oak Brushed UV Matt Lacquered 14/4mm By 150mm By 1570-2400mm FSC 100% Certificate: NC-COC-054381

This Natural Engineered Flooring Oak has been skillfully crafted and fortified by an innovative UV Matt Lacquered finish. The engineered oak is 14/4mm thick, showcasing an intricate design that elegantly shines through the 150mm wide planks. These planks bear natural grading inconsistencies that subtly bring out the character in the wood. Ranging in lengths from 1570mm to 2400mm, these planks are versatile for various room sizes. This particular batch carries an FSC 100% Certification, assuring consumers that the wood is sourced responsibly and in accordance with environmental standards.

This well-made and durable flooring displays several noteworthy attributes that include:

  • The appealing visual texture is amplified by a Brushed UV Lacquered finish.
  • Flooring measures 14/4mm in thickness ensuring substantial support.
  • Wide plank style is a favourable aesthetic feature, highlighting the natural grain of the wood.
  • Variable lengths (1570-2400mm) offer installation adaptability, fitting for diverse room dimensions.
  • The 100% FSC Certification explicitly guarantees that the wood is ethically sourced.

Ideal for individuals seeking to infuse an instance of natural beauty into their space, this Engineered Flooring Oak is more than a surface to walk on - it's a bona fide style statement. With its natural colour, each plank narrates a unique story, introducing an element of organic authenticity. The subtle matte lacquered finish only enhances its elegance, becoming the speechless centrepiece of the room. It is the perfect selection for those who appreciate the artistry of nature and seek to translate this aesthetic into their living spaces.

When you've received your flooring, you should within one hour store it inside, completely flat and in sealed boxes until you are ready to lay it. Boxes should be kept inside your house (not in a garage or other outbuilding). During storage, please make sure that your flooring is well away from extreme heat (radiators) and moist areas (recently plastered walls, damp basements etc). We recommend an acclimatizing period of at least one week, during which time flooring needs to be kept in sealed boxes at room temperature. Engineered flooring need to stay in the boxes at the room temperature for 48 hours (for installation without underfloor heating) or 7 days (for installation with underfloor heating) and the room temperature must be at least 21-22 degrees Celsius for 7-14 days - the floor surface temperature must be a minimum of 21 degrees Celsius - the air relative humidity must be between 40% and 65%.

Free sample are available to order. The sample will allow you to feel the high quality of our wood and see its beautiful rich markings.

We aim to dispatch the sample within a day so you won't have to wait long.

Simply choose the 'Free Sample' option and complete the secure checkout process.

We strongly recommend to order a sample and not rely only on the photos on the web.

Due to the nature of the products, description and images should only be used for guidance.

It needs to be installed on top of 100% straight, rigid and even subfloor. 

When installing on top of screed the screed moisture must not exceed 2%. Please make sure that the fitter will have the correct tools and knowledge on how to check the screed humidity. 


New Screed: Need to apply 1 or 2 layers of DPM before installation.

You must create an expansion gap of 12-18mm for expansion gap. 

Floating: When Floating Tongue and Groove system, the tongue and groove needs to be glue together.


We strongly recommend that Engineered flooring must be installed by a professional fitter with all the correct tools and knowledge. 


We recommend treating your flooring with accordance to our maintenance guides every 3-12 weeks (depends on traffic and need) with the following:


Finish Type

Maintenance product


UV Oiled

Wax Care 1L

Every 2-3 weeks especially in areas with high traffic

UV Lacquered

Ecoline Refresher for Lacquered 1L

Every 2-3 weeks especially in areas with high traffic

Wax Oiled

Premium Clear Matt Hardwax Oil 2.5Lts

Apply 1-2 coats post-installation; additionally apply Ware Care every 2-3 weeks.


Please always try on an offcut or a small corner to see that you are happy with the result before applying on your floor.