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Flooring Cleaner

When it comes to regular cleaning of your wooden floor, a vacuum and a mop over with a damp mop will normally be all that’s required.  That said, every now and again, you’re likely to want to give your floor a good, deep clean.  If you’re doing so, it’s well worth investing in the right wood cleaner for the job. Using the wrong products, at best will result in a dull surface and at worst, could even damage your floor finish.

At Wood and Beyond, we’ve tested all sorts of wood cleaners and we’ve come up with a list of brands that we believe do the job better than the rest.  These are Blanchon, Net-trol and WOCA.  We have a range of different wood cleaners as well as quantities from each of these manufacturers and can help you choose the right cleaner for your floor if you’re in any way unsure about which to choose.