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Square Edge Engineered Wood Flooring

Square edge engineered wood flooring is a wood flooring option that, although not particularly easy to fit, gives a stunning end result.  With square edge engineered wood flooring, the edges of each board are perfectly perpendicular.  What this means is that each board fits snugly and neatly against the last board and the next board.

The one disadvantage of square edge engineered wood flooring is that it’s pretty unforgiving when it comes to fitting.  Even the slightest error or displacement on a square edge engineered wood flooring board will stand out like a sore thumb.  The other thing with square edge engineered wood flooring boards is that they are very easily damaged if you don’t treat them with kid gloves when fitting.

All of that said, these boards that are made up of a stable core board and a top layer or solid wood, are highly versatile and look just like solid wood, so don’t be put off in any way.

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