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5mm Thick Wood Flooring Wear Layer

When you get up to 5mm thick wood flooring wear layer, you’re starting to get into the chunkier options.  A 5mm thick wood flooring wear layer will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be able to re-sand and re-finish your floor should you need to.  This is great news for anyone who has a home with either very high or very heavy footfall.

This luxury of knowing you can have a new-looking floor again in the future should you need to take emergency action is pretty unique to wood flooring – after all, you don’t get that with even the very best of carpet cleaning!

As you’ll see from our site, we have a really broad selection of 5mm thick wood flooring wear layer options, from light and airy to dark and interesting, so we really hope you’ll enjoy our range.  And once you’ve narrowed down exactly what you’re looking for, you can always call into our London showroom to see it for yourself or you can order a free sample on our site.  Either of these options is a great way of reassuring yourself of the great quality wood flooring we offer.

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