Balau Decking Boards

Wood Decking Boards are constructed using a wide range of materials like western red cedar, lumber, composite material, teak, mahogany, and other hardwoods as well as recycled planks. Decking is a great way to make practical use of slopes in gardens by creating different levels and steps. It is also fantastic for covering up unwanted surfaces. The hardwood decking boards can be laid in patterns or at angles creating texture and adding interest to your deck surface. 

Each decking type is also available to order as a Sample delivered straight to your door. Just click on your choice of decking and select the 'Sample' option. The £1.5 P&P will be refunded when you have placed your order with us.

Why Choose Hardwood Decking?

Decking adds class to your garden, it transforms a garden into a lovely place to eat, drink and unwind. Hardwoods are naturally resistant to fungal growth and offer naturally superior levels of durability and wear resistance, without any additional chemical treatment, making hardwoods the ideal material for use in the construction of decking and outdoor furniture and structures. Once installed, decking longevity could be greatly extended by applying regular care.

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