Bog Oak Dining Room Table Top Live Edge Hardwax Oiled (with Resin) 35mm By 930mm By 2600mm

Bog Oak
Oak It is renowned for its durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for products. Oak wood flooring offers a range of color variations, spanning from light to dark shades
Walnut It is rich chocolate/purplish brown colour is amazing in its richness and is noted for its beautiful grain character, this floor is perfect for the ones who are after a dark unique colour.

Please note, for Natural wood products one plank will be different from other planks, the information regarding the grading is a general description of the grading level:

Natural & Natural Sap Expected Allows for sapwood, knots of any size, mineral streaks, wood filler, natural grain pattern, colour variation and any imperfections filled with wood filler.
Prime Has fewer and smaller knots than Eco Prime & Select grade, while still retaining some sapwood, knots, and the acceptance of colour variation and knots ranging from 10-15mm.
Rustic Is vibrant, permitting sapwood, knots of any size, mineral streaks, natural grain, and colour variation. It has a natural grain pattern, with possible imperfections filled with wood filler.
Eco Prime & Select Has fewer knots and wood filler than Natural grade while still retaining some sapwood, knots, mineral streaks, natural grain pattern and colour variation, with possible imperfections filled with wood filler.

"Due to the nature of wooden products, description and images should only be used for guidance." Any knots, splits, or imperfections will be filled by coloured, black, or wood colour filler. Colour Variation can happen from plank to plank in the same box, from box to box and from batch to batch.

Dark Brown
Live Edge
Smoked Flooring Style If you are looking a smoked flooring it is important to note that due to the smoking process the colour variation is greater.
Product Finish
Wax Oiled
Table Seat No
8 seats

Bog Oak Dining Room Table Top Live Edge Hardwax Oiled (with Resin) 35mm By 930mm By 2600mm

This stunning Bog Oak Dining Room Table Top Live Edge Hardwax Oiled (with Resin) is a statement piece that combines the natural beauty of bog oak with the versatility of resin. Following the dimensions of 35mm by 930mm by 2600mm, it is flawlessly constructed, showcasing a robust thickness and a live edge that gives prominence to the raw, inherent beauty of the wood. Boasting an impressive seating capacity of eight, this piece has been treated with Hardwax Oil, which not only seals the timber but also enhances the grain and character of the naturally aged and preserved wood. The whole piece is structurally sound and embodies longevity – ensuring it can be part of your family meals, conversations, and memories over the years.

The Bog Oak Dining Table Top exhibits the following vital attributes:

  • Handcrafted from naturally preserved bog oak sourced sustainably
  • Features a live edge design for an organic touch to your dining space
  • Finished with Hard Wax oil to enhance the character of the wood and provide lasting resilience
  • Impressive dimensions of 35mm thickness, 930mm width, and 2600mm length
  • Comfortable seating capacity allowing for eight guests

Imagine inviting your favourite people over for a dinner party, with this Bog Oak Dining Room Table Top as the centrepiece of your entertaining space. Every detail, from the warmth of the oak to the subtle gleam from the resin finish, adds to the welcoming atmosphere in your dining room. This isn't just a dining table – it's a statement of taste and a testament to the power of natural beauty. Whether it's a hearty family meal or a sophisticated dinner with friends, this table offers plenty of space while delivering a mix of traditional and contemporary style. The accommodating size of this table allows you to elegantly entertain your guests, offering an experience of comfort and fine dining all at once.

BOG OAK is very rare to find. The extraction of these logs is very complicated and required high quality equipment, knowledge, and resources.

Our Bog OAK is over 3000 years old (certification) and only found at the very bottom of European Rivers which are 7m and deeper.

The lack of oxygen preserved the Bog Oak from decay. Oak become very dark with beautiful different shades of brown