wood topped flooring


Wood topped flooring is a really popular choice, and for many people is currently outshining all the other options. The great thing about wood topped flooring is that it looks like solid wood, but has a whole host of additional advantages. In this article we’ll share these advantages with you, but before doing that, it’s probably worth quickly re-visiting the fundamental difference between wood topped flooring and solid wood.

The key difference between these two options is the structure of the boards. Solid wood flooring is made from planks of solid wood – that’s it. Wood topped flooring is man-made, yet as we’ve already said, looks just like solid wood. The way the boards are constructed in this option means that they can be used over under floor heating and they can be fitted in every room in the home. You can even fit them in the likes of bathrooms and kitchens where there’s heat and moisture fluctuations – and they’re super stable.

Wood topped flooring is made up of a really solid core board that’s constructed using layers and layers of ply that are bonded together. That core board is then topped off with solid wood of your chosen species, grade and finish. It’s the way this floor’s constructed that makes it so very versatile, affordable and attractive.

Here are 5 great reasons to use wood topped flooring


The top reason for choosing wood topped flooring simply has to be its versatility. When you choose this sort of floor, you can fit it with confidence throughout the entire home. Even in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens where solid wood floors aren’t normally recommended, this floor will look fantastic and last. And if you have under floor heating, once again, solid wood flooring would normally be a no-no, but the right wood topped flooring is great.


The second reason for choosing wood topped flooring affects most people – apart from perhaps the seriously rich – and that’s price. Wood topped flooring typically costs less than solid wood flooring. This brings it within the reach of people who couldn’t otherwise afford the luxury and great looks that wood flooring brings. What this means is that you can have your dream flooring in more rooms and still not break your budget.


Another fantastic reason for choosing wood topped flooring is the range of sizes and styles of flooring on offer in this category. Put very simply, when you choose this type of flooring you get a greater choice than you do when you choose solid wood flooring. With really wide boards, single-strip or multi-strip boards, parquet, herringbone and chevron, you really will be spoilt for choice.


When you choose wood topped flooring, there really is no need for compromise. What you get is an unmistakable real wood look and feel. This, together with the huge range of finishes and colours that are available today means that no matter whether you want to create a cutting edge look for your home or something more traditional, it’s a walk in the park. All you need to do is browse our full collection that you’ll find here and then make your selection.


When most people invest in a new floor, they want to know that it’s going to last. Typically, people expect to get a good few years out of a new floor before needing to change it again. And once more, wood topped flooring is great in this respect. It way outshines vinyl flooring and laminate due to the use of real wood on its surface and depending on the choice you make, you can even re-sand and re-finish it during its lifetime to make it look like new again.

When you choose wood topped flooring you can buy in confidence, knowing that you’ve made a great choice for now and for the future. If you’d like help to make the right choice for your project, why not get in touch? At Wood and Beyond we’re here to help and we’ll happily steer you in the right direction so you get exactly what you want, without spending a penny more than you need to. Go on – reach out today – we’re here to help.