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One of the biggest home remodelling projects any of us can take as home owners is fitting flooring. Nowadays, as a property owner your flooring options are plentiful, from carpet to tile and laminate. In this article however, we will explain about wood flooring. For one, it is the most popular types of flooring and... also the most complicated type due to the sheer amount of options.

Wood Flooring Types:

engineeredEngineered Flooring - These are the newer type that made their first appearance in the commercial property market before becoming popular in domestic properties. Each plank is made from wood, plywood and MDF hence the use of the term ‘engineered’. Their popularity originates from two important reasons:

1. Suitability over normal wood floors - Due to their build, the floor can be fitted in damp or moist areas. This is a huge relief for property owners whose property is situated near a water source.

2. Easier (and cheaper) fitting - Engineered floors are suitable for many types of fitting methods. Your flooring fitter will be able to recommend the best fitting method for your precise floor.

solidSolid Flooring - These are the traditional type floors you have likely come across many times before. The floor is made from full wood, most commonly Oak or Walnut. Solid planks are known to last over 100 years provided the floor is maintained. Their popularity originates from two important reasons:

1. Extreme strength - Because the complete wood is used, solid floors are considered strong. Some property owners choose them in order to add further support to the property.

2. Safe option - In addition to lasting for many years, the floor will react well to sanding and re-coating. This process will rejuvenate the floor and make it look freshly laid.

In our next blog post we will explain about two more considerations to take into account, flooring grade and finish.