wide solid oak flooring


Solid oak flooring has enjoyed a real increase in popularity recently. Having lost out for a while faced with the competition put up by good quality engineered oak flooring, solid oak looks to be once more claiming its rightful place in the market. So right now, solid oak flooring is in big demand, and so is wide oak flooring.

Wide oak flooring has a really classy and stylish look to it. But the thing with wide boards is that you get a whole lot fewer per tree than you do with narrow boards. When put that way it sounds obvious, but the fact is that narrow boards can be produced from the wood left over after a tree has already been used to maximum effect. Wide boards on the other hand call for a wider section of nice looking oak, which means they’re a tiny bit rarer. This is probably why a wide board gives the idea of having cost a fortune, even if it wasn’t actually all that expensive.

So put these two things together, solid oak and wide boards and it’s easy to see where the rise in demand for wide solid oak flooring is coming from.

At Wood and Beyond we’re responding to this increased demand by building up what we believe to be a great little range of wide solid oak flooring. Although the range is relatively small at the moment, we believe it really does has something for everyone.

All priced at under £50 per square metre, there are currently four options to choose from. They are:

  1. Natural solid oak brushed hardwax oiled. This warm honey coloured wide solid oak flooring truly is a classic. Currently on offer at 70% off its original selling price, it’s a complete bargain too. A flooring style that you’ll never tire of, this solution really is an investment piece that will add style and charm to any home. It doesn’t matter if your home is traditional or modern, monochrome or a mad riot of colour, you won’t go wrong with this one. Add to this its natural, hardwax oil finish and you get a complete package that looks great and is a walk in the park to keep looking great. This floor will last a lifetime, and probably a whole lot longer.
  2. Natural solid oak brushed white 22% hardwax oiled. This floor is an absolute show-stopper. It is fresh and light, yet at the same time allows all the charm and character of the oak to shine through. The type of floor that you’d expect to find in a stylish Nordic or Skandinavian room setting, this solution will help you create an illusion of light and space no matter how small your room is or how lacking it natural light it may be. The white hardwax oil gives this floor a really modern edge, but we’ve seen it combined with old, vintage and shabby chic statement pieces and it works to a tee. It really is a versatile solution that is full of interest.
  3. Natural solid oak UV lacquered, which is tough, durable and will take anything your life throws at it. If you have a home where footfall is heavy or high, then this is a great option. The lacquer finish means that accidental spills aren’t the concern they might be on a floor with a less resistant finish. With a very slight shine to it, a lacquered finish does tend to show scuffs and scratches a bit more than an oiled finish, but at the same time it is highly durable. And of course, when you choose a solid oak floor like this one, you know you can re-sand and re-finish it a good few times in its lifespan if you need to. This means you have real peace of mind that lasts.
  4. Solid natural oak light brushed and unfinished which means that if you’re unsure about what sort of finish you want on your floor, you can choose this option and leave your decision until later. Although many people would argue that pre-finished flooring makes your life a whole lot easier, if you are genuinely struggling to choose which finish you prefer, with this solution you get the best of both worlds. What you can do is choose this unfinished floor, wait to see it in place, test a few finishes and then make your final decision. For many of our clients, this sort of unfinished floor is a great way to avoid making the wrong choice of finish.

So there you have it, a great selection of wide solid oak flooring - all in stock, all at great prices and all ready to get out to you today. All you need to do is decide which is best for you. Enjoy.